11 October 2006

Swiss Architecture: Designing-Constructing-Building

The School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech will host an international symposium ‘Swiss Architecture: Designing – Constructing – Building’ in Blacksburg, Virginia on October 11th and 12th, 2006. The intent of the symposium is to present the newest achievements of contemporary architecture from the German-speaking region of Switzerland to students, faculty, and professionals in the fields of architecture, art, building construction and civil engineering and build upon an already existing foundation of architectural knowledge relative to Swiss architecture of the previous decades.

The symposium has attracted internationally renowned Swiss architects Valerio Olgiati of Zurich, Meinrad Morger, Principal of Morger & Degelo of Basel, Beat Consoni of Rorschach, and Heinz Wirz, architectural editor and publisher-in-chief of Lucerne’s Quart Verlag to commit to the participation at the symposium and to contribute to the publication.

The pedagogical aim of the symposium is the revalorization of ‘constructing’ as a task of the architect. The elevated position of ‘constructing’ in the design process given by Swiss architects and Swiss universities is a challenge for the American model of architectural education and professional practice. The presentations given by the invited architects and architectural critic will demonstrate that the triad ‘Designing-Constructing-Building’ – for which contemporary Swiss architecture is considered exemplary by international standard – is fundamental and necessary to the art of building.

Symposium Description (2.4MB)