15 October 2021

Shaping the Cities Forum

If you’re ready to sit back and watch something on YouTube Friday morning, consider making yourself a strong espresso and  tuning in for this Shaping the City: Climate change and resilient cities, which will be live streamed on Oct 15 Friday at 8:30am east coast time: https://www.youtube.com/c/EuropeanCulturalCentreItaly.

The panel will feature WAAC alum and Firm Advisory Board member Rick Schneider of ISTUDIO, who will be talking about the ISTUDIO/WAAC project on exhibit now at the ECC Biennale in Venice, Green City, Blue City, Old City, New City., Three members of the WAAC project team– Astha Bhavsar, Shelby Pollack, and Armond Dai (Cal Poly student from last year)–are on their NOW to see their work live in Venice and represent the WAAC.

Tune in and hear Rick, and then Astha and Shelby will share the work for the WAAC Monday Meeting talk on Oct 25, at 1:30. Zoom info to follow.