28 April 2020

‘Self Modeling and Other Systems of User Design’ – Curtis Roth

Self Modeling and Other Systems of User Design‘, will examine “the user“, an evolving conception of the subject, now designed in real time through technologies of simulation, interaction, and surveillance.

Curtis Roth is an architect and professor at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Curtis’s work consists of images, objects, and texts that examine the relationships between computation, subjectivity and distance as they pertain to questions of labor and authorship. He previously was the LeFerve Fellow at Knowlton following work at Opsys Landscape Infrastructure Lab and Howeler + Yoon Architecture in Boston, Massachuesetts. He also exhibited work at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale as a partner with OfficeUS. Curtis’ work and research has been published in PIDGINPLATE-FluxGraz Architekture Magazin, and Kerb, among others. Curtis has a BS in Architecture from Portland State University and a MArch from MIT.