9 September 2020
7:00PM — Zoom

Seeing and Being Seen: Discussion with Burt Pinnock

Seeing and Being Seen: Distorting the Personal Lens. A public discussion with Burt Pinnock, FAIA about race, storytelling and design. Burt Pinnock will lead the inaugural event of By Whom? For Whom? through a conversation about whose stories we tell as designers, who gets to tell those stories, and the contexts in which stories are told. 

A Principal and Chairman of Baskervill, Burt Pinnock, FAIA has been a profound voice for creative, compelling, and responsible design in Richmond’s urban landscape. His body of work spans projects that seek to preserve and integrate Richmond’s distinct identities–as the former Capital of the Confederacy and home to thriving black communities–into a more complete version that is contextual to both time and space. He is the creator and co-founder of Storefront for Community Design, a nonprofit that creates access to architecture and design services while also facilitating community engagement workshops for development efforts throughout the city. He also serves on a number of city, regional and state boards, including the Richmond Slave Trail Commission.

More about Burt Pinnock:

Burt Pinnock, FAIA is a principal and Chairman of the Board at Baskervill, a 123-year-old design firm. For Burt, architecture and design isn’t a job; it’s his personal contribution to the wellbeing and vitality of our communities. Over his 30-year career Burt’s commitment and passion has created impactful work for neighborhoods, cultural institutions, forward-thinking companies, and more. Founder of Storefront for Community Design, he currently serves as Chairman of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Art and Architectural Review Board amongst numerous other board and committee engagements. Burt is a graduate of Virginia Tech and calls Richmond, Virginia home.

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Meeting ID: 972 0741 8425