20 November 2020

Sameep Padora | sP+a – Lecture

Please join us in welcoming Sameep Padora from Sameep Padora & Associate (sP+a). Padora will be lecturing on Friday, Nov. 20, 2020, at 1 PM (ET).

sP+a believes that India’s vast breadth of socio-cultural environments requires multifarious means of engaging with the country’s varying contexts. Type, program, design and building processes are subservient to the immediacy of each project’s unique frame of reference. The studio’s approach hence is to look to context as a repository of latent resources connecting production processes and networks, appropriating techniques beyond their traditional use while allowing them to evolve and persist not just through preservation but more so through evolution. Our practice questions the nostalgia involved with the static ‘museumification’ of craft and tradition as well as the nature of what today comprises the ‘regional’ in contexts amplified by their place in global and regional networks.