29 September 2016
9:00AM — Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, Richmond, VA

Reuse the Box

An international group of architecture graduate students in Prof. Kay Edge’s first-year M.Arch.2 studio — Bingjiang Chai, Corey Clevenger, Rachel Flanagan, Jennifer Gaiko, Ahmad Hakami, John McMillon, Steffany Mego, Joshua Treadway, and Xin Yan — began with a plain, vacant big-box building, a former K-Mart, in Fairlawn, near Radford, Virginia. “Reuse the Box” is an exhibition of their design work showcasing how thoughtful architecture and design approaches can initiate positive change through adaptive reuse of buildings and sites with untapped potential in our communities. The exhibition is a collaboration between the M.Arch.2.1 design studio and The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design and was made possible by the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research. (Exhibition poster…)