21 September 2020

Presentations on Virginia Beach Coastal Climate Change Issues

The Land Planning and Design Studio in Landscape Architecture Program is hosting three guest speakers on Wednesday, September 16, and subsequent Friday, and Monday. The speakers will focus on the topics related to Virginia Beach coastal climate change issues. Thirty-minute presentations will be followed by twenty-minute discussions.

Wednesday and Monday talks will be about two projects and related coastal area design issues. The Friday talk will be generally about Coastal Resilience related projects of SGA. All are welcome to join for all three speaker sessions.

The meeting times and zoom links (different for all three meetings) are provided below.

Wednesday, Sept 16 3 – 4pm – PJ Sculy (City of Virginia Beach Planning Administration) and Billy Almond (PLA; VT Landscape Architecture alum)

They will introduce a studio project that will ask students to study the impacts of forest and tree preservation on stormwater management site design.


Friday, Sept. 18 2:30-3:30pm – Tim Stromberg, Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates  (SGA)

Tim Stromberg, landscape architect, will present on resilient recreation design projects that SGA has worked on in Norfolk and outside of Norfolk that have used practices like: Living Shoreline, Creek Restoration/Day Lighting, and flood/stormwater linear park designs in passive recreational settings.


Monday, Sept. 21 2:40-3:45pm – Mary-Carson Stiff (Wetlands Watch) & John Hasher (Living River Trust) – Chesapeake Managed Retreat Project Site

The speakers from non-profit organizations will provide background about another studio project site, their project issues and concerns, and allowed uses for FEMA acquired properties. This presentation will be about the policy, regulations, and insurance issues around coastal area planning and design.