25 September 2019
10:00AM – 12:00PM — Art + Architecture Library, 100 Cowgill Hall

OPEN SEMINAR: on the contemporary

Jacques Ranciere: Aesthetic Architecture Against the Ethical and the Classical

The OPEN SEMINAR provides a space that connects history/theory to studio culture. Hosted by Professor Bedford, the OPEN SEMINAR will take a contemporary artifact of our moment (book, magazine article, film, building, conference, event, project) that raises important questions for the discipline of architecture. Copies of the artifact (where possible) are available in the library two weeks in advance. On the day, Professor Bedford will facilitate a public round-table discussion between faculty and students on issues which that artifact raises for design practice and the field at large.

The first session this semester, Open Seminar 3: Jacques Ranciere: Aesthetic Architecture against the Ethical and the Classical, will be:

Wednesday, September 25, 10am – 12pm
in the Art + Architecture Library
Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Jacques Ranciere is one of the leading contemporary philosophers who has written about the modern situation of the arts. His 2004 The Politics of Aesthetics, took the art world by storm and his ideas have been percolating into the world of architecture for the last decade, with conferences and lectures at Yale University School of Architecture, the Royal Academy in London, and this Fall at the Cooper Union in New York, organized by Professor Bedford. This seminar will address the key aesthetic ideas in Ranciere’s philosophical system; including his idea of the “three regimes of art”; his reinterpretation of the concepts of Modernity and Postmodernity, and his rethinking of the meaning of aesthetics and realism. It will apply his thinking on art to architecture and ask how his ideas transform our field.

The reading for the Seminar is here. Physical copies of the reading can be found in the stand outside Cowgill office.

The second session this semester, Open Seminar 4: Jacques Ranciere: Aesthetics against the Critical, will be:

Wednesday, October 9, 10am – 12pm
in the Art + Architecture Library
Coffee and snacks will be provided.