1 April 2019
5:00PM – 7:00PM — Art + Architecture Library, 100 Cowgill Hall

OPEN SEMINAR: on the contemporary

Disorienting Phenomenology

The Open Seminar provides a space that connects history/theory to studio culture. Hosted by Professor Bedford, the Open Seminar will take a contemporary artifact of our moment (book, magazine article, film, building, conference, event, project) that raises important questions for the discipline of architecture. Copies of the artifact (where possible) are available in the library two weeks in advance. On the day, Professor Bedford will facilitate a public round-table discussion between faculty and students on issues which that artifact raises for design practice and the field at large.

Is the experience of architecture natural or culturally constructed? Is there a fundamental structure to all human experience (based on the body, the structures of time, or the imagination) or are human experiences always particular to the subject positions of different group identities and the lived experiences of belonging to one or other group in society. How does the rethinking of such questions influence our ideas about architectural design and how we imagine or empathize with the experience of those who ultimately use or inhabit our buildings?

We will discuss these questions and more at the second session of the Open Seminar:

Monday, April 1, 5–7pm, in the Art + Architecture Library

We will do so by discussing the recent special issue of the journal Log, “Disorienting Phenomenology“, which rethinks phenomenology in architecture from the point of view of complex identity constructions and their political contestation.

Two copies are available in the library to consult in advance. One copy will be available to check out for a couple of days.

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