30 October 2015
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

Mary Thibodeaux-Redd, Kimball

Join us this Friday at 12 PM to hear Mary Thibodeaux-Redd from Kimball.

Kimball Office is a design driven, technologically savvy brand. They focus on tailoring solutions that provide better workplace, learning & healing environments. For nearly 45 years, Kimball Office has been designing office furniture that is inspiring, productive, and environmentally responsible.

The humble beginnings of Kimball International started in Jasper, Indiana in 1950. The company was driven by a passionate pride of self, place, and, ultimately, product. The Kimball name was originally synonymous for being the world’s largest piano and organ manufacturer. Then, starting in 1970, the company decided to manufacture and market office furniture under the Kimball brand name.

Kimball’s website