26 October 2012
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

Burt Pinnock, BAM

Burt Pinnock is the Principal Architect at BAM Architects in Richmond, Virginia. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech, Pinnock served as the lead designer of Studio B, an in-house studio at Baskervill & Son in Richmond, and spent several years working in Italy, Switzerland, and the Paris office of architect/engineer Santiago Calatrava. In 1998, Pinnock, along with Anne Durkin and Mary Lorino (the “A” and “M” in BAM, respectively) founded BAM Architects. Pinnock’s expertise ranges from master planning and urban design to adaptive reuse, new construction, residential, commercial, and graphic design projects. He also works closely with the City of Richmond, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and both local and regional developers to provide a better living environment for all of Richmond’s residents. Pinnock has held active memberships in Richmond’s Architectural Review Board and Urban Design Committee. In 2003, he held an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. Recently, he founded the non-profit Storefront for Community Design whose mission is to work with homeowners, organizations, and businesses to encourage quality community development and strengthen the legacy of Richmond’s neighborhoods.

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