13 November 2015
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

Studio O+A

Join us on November 13th to hear from Studio O+A.

Studio O+A design’s experiences. They maketheir name by rethinking the impact workspace has on work, but today their reach extends beyond the physical environment.

Studio O+A’s central idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When they do our initial programming on a project, they get all the basics—the headcounts, the distances, the adjacencies and so on—but they also want to know how this company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do.

Studio O+A thinks of this process as bespoke design—and they apply it to every service they offer: commercial interiors, branding, environmental graphics, tenant improvements, design consulting.

Studio O+A’swebsite