21 March 2016
9:00AM — The Inn at Virginia Tech

Mitchell O. Carr Symposium: Creative Use of Wood in Design

Sustainable biomaterials such as wood have become very important to society because of their low carbon foot print, renewability, beauty, aesthetics, and endless possibilities for creating new innovative materials and structures. Given the importance of wood, Mr. Mitchell O. Carr, a retired successful wood products entrepreneur, has joined efforts with Virginia Tech to provide practitioners, students, and academicians with an unique opportunity to learn, explore, understand and appreciate recent developments on wood as a structural and aesthetic material.

The goal of the Carr Symposium and Student Competition is to inspire the next generation of designers, architects, engineers, builders, and wood scientists with the latest innovative uses of wood in structural and interior design applications. During the first three days of the event, multidisciplinary teams of Virginia Tech students will be challenged to design and build a pick-up truck camper built of wood. On the last day of the symposium nationally recognized experts will present recent innovations on the creative use of wood in the design, engineering, and construction of interiors and structures.

The planning committee is very excited to invite you to join us for this event. The Carr Symposium is intended for students interested in green building construction, materials from renewable resources, interior design, industrial design, and innovations in architecture. The symposium is also a venue for professionals and practitioners to network with students and academicians and to learn about new developments in sustainable biomaterials.

The symposium is jointly organized by the Departments of Sustainable Biomaterials; Apparel, Housing and Resource Management; Architecture; and Building Construction.

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