31 August 2018
1:00PM — Cowgill Hall, Room 300

Michael Fleming, CEO and co-founder of Torc Robotics

Industrial Design Lecture Series

Michael Fleming is the CEO and co-founder of Torc Robotics, a leading provider of self-driving solutions. After successfully competing in several robotic competitions as a Virginia Tech student, Fleming co-founded Torc in 2005. He wanted to commercialize the self-driving technology and keep the winning team intact. In 2007, Torc partnered with the university to develop autonomous technology for one of the three winning teams of the DARPA Urban Challenge. “There is a major difference between demonstrating the technology and commercializing it for self-driving products and solutions,” he explains. Under Fleming’s guidance, Torc has enjoyed 10 years of consecutive growth and profitability, while steadily investing in emerging technology. “Great things are not accomplished in short order, and we have always believed this race to be a marathon and not a sprint. The lessons learned and foundation we’ve created over the last decade has positioned us as one of the most experienced firms in the self-driving space,” Fleming said.