12 October 2006
2:00PM — Hancock 100
Meinrad Morger, Architect, Basel, Switzerland
Swiss Architecture: Designing - Constructing - Building

Meinrad Morger and Heinrich Degelo are trained architects and members of the Swiss Institute for Architects & Engineers and of the Federation of Swiss Architects. They have been practicing independently as Morger & Degelo since 1988 and their buildings have received various international awards. Their buildings have been widely published in international journals on architecture and daily newspapers. They have lectured at various universities in Europe and North America. They have also held various visiting teaching appointments. Meinrad Morger is currently a professor of architecture at the Swiss University of Applied Science. The following monographs on the architecture of Morger & Degelo have been published: Bürkle, J. Christoph. Morger & Degelo Architekten. Zürich: Niggli Publishers 2000; Morger Degelo Kerenz: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. Wettingen: Lars Müller 2000; Luis Fernandez-Galiano. Casas de Autor. Madrid: Arquitecture Viva 1998; Adam, Hubertus; Walti, Ruedi. Messeturm Basel: Architektengemeinschaft Morger & Degelo und Marques. Olten: Swiss Prime Site AG 2003. Adam, Hubertus. Morger & Degelo: Haus Müller in Staufen. Zürich: GTA Verlag-ETH Zürich 1999; Ackermann, Matthias; Steinmann, Martin. Kommunales Wohnhaus 1993: Morger & Degelo. Basel: Wiese Verlag 1994.