27 April 2020

Matt Lutz, RA

CDR– Remote Design Technology Lecture Series

Matt Lutz, RA. Associate Professor of Architecture, Norwich University School of Architecture + Art

Matt Lutz is a licensed architect in the State of Vermont, a Certified Passive House Consultant, a member of the Vermont Board of Architects, an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture + Art at Norwich University, and principal of Lutz Architectures, PLLC. He teaches passive environmental design and hands-on community-centered courses that focus on the application of appropriate technology in service of high-performance design. He’s won awards, published work, and led numerous design / build projects. Lutz will present the utilization of Additive Manufacturing in the construction of hybrid composite structures. He is co-author of the forthcoming book ‘Technologies for Inclusion’ co-authored by Nathan King that focuses on the use of advanced computational design and fabrication technologies in service to stakeholders in resource constrained areas.

As part of the Center for Design Research’s evolving technologies initiative, Nathan
King and Martin Angst have organized a series of remote lectures focusing on digital
design, fabrication, and robotics as part of their courses Future Making and Advanced
Design and Fabrication in Architecture, along with the CDR Material Pioneers program.
While a core part of the curriculum for the courses, these lectures may be of interest to
other students and faculty and therefore will open to all. The lecture series is populated
with a diverse selection of international participants who operate within and on the
periphery of design representing multiple disciplines and perspectives.

For security purposes – Meeting ID will be distributed through A+D Weekly.