25 March 2016
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

OTJ Architects

Join I.D.E.A.S. on March 25th in Burruss Hall to hear Kim Picklap from OTJ Architects.

OTJ Architects focuses on client’s goals and opportunities – to create a unique vision for a future work environment.

The workplace is evolving constantly, and more importantly, so are the people who occupy it. OTJ Architects develops design solutions with the people who will use them, resultingin unique spaces that will adapt and grow with a client.

Their approach is rooted in the belief that design is a tool to improve people’s lives: good design strengthens workplace culture, communicates brand and improves wellness.

OTJ Architects’ goal is to constantly challenge themselves to design better, smarter workplaces that allow people to work strategically, flexibly and with a better quality of life.

Visit OTJ Architects’ website here.