16 September 2019
4:50PM — MAD Lab, Burchard Hall

MAD Lab Open House

Throughout the summer, a team of hard-working industrial design students, along with the woodshop and metal shop supervisors, went to work renovating the former plastics shop under Assistant Professor Jonas Hauptman’s guidance. Thanks to a very generous grant, student workers, like the students over the summer, can dive into taking part in the construction of such a prestigious project. The space is already more functional, with increased counter space and storage, not to mention a working vacuum system. The end goal is to create a self-sustainable shop, run by trained students and used with approved materials sold by the IDSA organization. Workers in the shop will gain key card access to the shop and training to use the machines. We are looking forward to a brand new CO2 laser cutting machine along with a CNC machine, a DiWire (wire bender), and a Shapeoko (a drag knife machine). The space will encourage student experimentation with a variety of materials, expanding the repertoire of what can be created in the studio space. We are all excited and grateful to Jonas for taking on such a large project that will benefit the entire school community.

The open house will be Monday, the 16th  from 4:50 to 5:30. It’s for everyone to be introduced to the MAD Lab. There will be snacks and drinks!