20 November 2014
2:00PM — Hancock 100

Lisa Ehrensperger and Roland Frei, Architects, BSA

Translation of a statement from Frei & Ehrensperger about their work:

Our architectural role models are not necessarily extracted from a history of architecture, but from life itself. We strive to find direction of our actions in ourselves. This approach does not always work in our current hectic world. We sometimes need distance in order to be able to recognize; a distance even from ourselves. We have the great privilege to be able to choose our own mirror. For us as architects, travel offers an opportunity to better understand our own origins in the broadest sense and also to scrutinize our system of values. This happens through the encounter of seemingly unfamiliar cultural opposites, as well as through the confirmation of that which is familiar. We are interested in not only the image of things but also the processes which are the basis for their existence.

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