16 September 2015
7:00PM — Hancock 100

Lars Lerup, Harry K. and Albert K. Smith Professor in Architecture and Dean Emeritus, School of Architecture, Rice University

The Polycentric City: urbanism in the 21st century
Robert L. Turner Lecture

Robert L. Turner Lecture

Lars Lerup at the School of Architecture+Design:

Lecture – Wednesday, September 16, 7 PM, Hancock 100
Talk – Thursday, September 17, 10 AM, Cowgill 300

Lars Lerup will lecture at the School of Architecture+Design on Wednesday, September 16, at 7:00 PM, in Hancock Hall auditorium. His lecture, “The Polycentric City: urbanism in the 21st century,” will focus on research detailed in his new book on the Houston cityscape, One Million Acres & No Zoning (Architectural Association, 2011).

Professor Lerup will return the following day, Thursday, September 17, at 10:00 AM, to Cowgill Hall 300, to give a talk about his furniture designs entitled: “room with chair: object oriented materialism.”

Professor Bill Green encourages all to attend, writing: “Lars Lerup was, and still is, the best architectural speaker I have ever heard. He was my mentor at Berkeley and was responsible for turning me into a professor (for better or worse). What he has to say is always interesting.”

Lars Lerup is the Harry K. and Albert K. Smith Professor of Architecture and the Dean Emeritus at Rice School of Architecture, Houston Texas and Professor Emeritus of University of California at Berkeley. He was awarded Doctor honoris causa in technology by Lund University, Sweden in 2001. Born in Sweden, he holds degrees in engineering (Sweden), architecture (UC Berkeley) and urban design (GSD, Harvard). Lerup has written several books: Villa Prima Facie 1976, Building the Unfinished 1977 (also published in German), Planned Assaults 1987 (also published in Chinese), After the City 2000, and some fifty essays in international magazines. Lerup’s art and design work includes drawings, paintings, architectural projects and competitions for new towns (Taipei, Taiwan), buildings, houses (California, Texas and Switzerland), and furniture. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Zurich, Moscow and Stockholm.