14 February 2018
4:00PM — Art & Architecture Library - 100 Cowgill Hall

Kofi Boone, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, NC State University

Towards a Social Resilience
Intersections: Cross-Disciplinary Conversations about Social Justice and the Built Environment

Prof. Kofi Boone focuses on the changing nature of communities, and developing tools for enhanced community engagement and design. Through scholarship, teaching, and extension service, Prof. Boone works in the landscape context of environmental justice, and his research includes the use of new media as a means of increasing community input in design and planning processes. Prof. Boone is the recipient of several awards including the Opal Mann Green Engagement Scholarship Award, the Department of Landscape Architecture Professor of the Year, and the Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher.

Prof. Boone developed the use of new media and digital tools to more effectively engage Environmental Justice communities. In addition to traditional workshop-based approaches, Prof. Boone has extensive experience with a wide array of tools. For the Old Carver School Vision Plan, digital video shorts were developed to provide stakeholders with highly graphic introductions to the principles of defensible space and urban security. For Idlewild, Michigan, DVDs of narrated digital video summaries were distributed to community residents and a website was created to post videos and engage those unable to participate in design workshops. Additionally, an online survey was used to solicit feedback. For the South Park East Raleigh Neighborhood Preservation and History Program, a protocol for stakeholder self-authored digital videos was developed to allow residents to independently conduct asset-mapping using smartphones. The resultant digital videos were mapped, made available to the public using an online map, and used in support of designation of a cultural district.

Prof. Boone serves as co-director of the North Carolina State University College of Design's Ghana Study Abroad Program and has taught 6 courses in West Africa. Most recently, he led an International Service Learning partnership with Women In Progress/Global Mamasto develop concepts for new facilities and product lines. The partnership featured direct engagement with Batik artists, and field documentation of Ghanaian craft villages. The coursework was featured in several venues including on the Huffington Post.

Prof. Boone's published articles appear in journals including Prism, Intensions and Journal of Tourism Analysis. His work is featured in the Journal of Planning Literature, and the recently published book, Becoming a Landscape Architect. Prof. Boone is an active member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), serving as the past state liaison to the Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS). He served as a presenter at the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA), the Environmental Design and Research Association (EDRA) the American Society of Landscape Architecture National Meeting and Expo, and at numerous Colleges and Universities.

Prior to joining the faculty at NC State University, Prof. Boone was a studio leader at JJR (formerly Johnson, Johnson, and Roy) working on a wide range of interdisciplinary urban design and planning projects. He received his Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from The University of Michigan. His work focuses on urban design, design of public spaces, environmental justice, and visual communication.

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