5 April 2018
2:00PM — Hancock 100

Willem Bruijn, Architect

Sustainability by Architecture

Architect Willem Bruijn was educated in the Netherlands, studying at Delft Technical University, the Hague Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Technical Sciences, and the Rotterdam Polytechnic School. For over a decade, he worked for Neutelings Riedijk Architects in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 1991-2002 as Project Director, where he was primarily in charge of an international team with focus on material research and construction detailing. Notably, for over 15 years, Willem Bruijn was a Managing Partner at the renowned Austrian architecture firm Baumschlager Eberle, where he directed numerous projects in Austria and across the globe. He was also part of the design team participating in a number of international competitions, many of them recognized with top prizes.

Currently, Willem Bruijn is the Director of International Affairs for the Krook & Tjäder Group in Sweden and Norway, where he is in charge of the acquisition and handling of international projects. He also cultivates the company’s relationships with educational institutions. His specialty is the development of an architectural sustainability driven by cultural, ecological, technical, and, most importantly, aesthetic considerations. In 2017, he founded <onehundredyears>, an architectural consulting firm in Dornbirn, Austria, specializing in sustainable, durable planning and objects, looking to endure beyond 100 years. The company aims for a better definition of sustainability with feasibility studies, debates and lectures, and providing links to relevant research and education.

In addition to his architecture practice, Willem Bruijn has served on numerous architectural juries, presented at conferences, and lectured in all parts of the world. He has also taught for four years at the Architecture Department at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.