13 April 2020

Julian Leland Bell – Advanced Technology Group at UPS

CDR– Remote Design Technology Lecture Series

Julian Leland Bell is a mechanical engineer and roboticist based in Atlanta, GA. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, his research focused on the development of the Digital Construction Platform, a large-scale robotic arm systems for automated construction, under Neri Oxman at the Mediated Matter Group (MIT Media Lab). Through his work with the DCP, Julian has explored how modern techniques in robotics and automation can be brought out of the factory and on to the job site, to improve safety, accuracy and efficiency in construction tasks.

He currently works in the Advanced Technology Group at UPS, where he leads physical prototyping and robotic systems development programs supporting UPS’ robotics research efforts. Julian’s interests span robotics, manufacturing, and precision engineering; previously, he has designed cable-driven robotic arms and manipulators at Barrett Technology; researched machine tool metrology at NIST Gaithersburg; and developed new metal additive manufacturing technologies at Desktop Metal.


As part of the Center for Design Research’s evolving technologies initiative, Nathan
King and Martin Angst have organized a series of remote lectures focusing on digital
design, fabrication, and robotics as part of their courses Future Making and Advanced
Design and Fabrication in Architecture, along with the CDR Material Pioneers program.
While a core part of the curriculum for the courses, these lectures may be of interest to
other students and faculty and therefore will open to all. The lecture series is populated
with a diverse selection of international participants who operate within and on the
periphery of design representing multiple disciplines and perspectives.

For security purposes – Meeting ID will be distributed through A+D Weekly.