11 April 2007
7:00PM — Hancock 100

Joshua Prince-Ramus, Architect/New York City

The autonomous language of architecture is doomed, and why architecture schools should teach more about contracts.
Olivio Ferrari Lecture, sponsored by the Blue Ridge AIA and Hollis Leland Design

Joshua Prince-Ramus, formerly co-owner and partner with Rem Koolhas in OMA New York, announced, in 2006, that he and Mr. Koolhas had changed their business relationship to allow Mr. Prince-Ramus and his team in the U.S. to operate independently. Mr. Prince-Ramus’s firm, established with Erez Ella, will be known as Ramus Ella Architects (REX).

OMA and REX will maintain a working relationship and will jointly seek new opportunities in the U.S. The partnership between Mr. Koolhaas and Mr. Prince-Ramus is best known for producing the Seattle Central Library, completed in May 2004, and the Guggenheim-Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas, completed in October 2001. Prior to founding OMA New York in 2000, Mr. Prince-Ramus worked for five years as a Project Architect for OMA in Rotterdam. Mr. Ella is an Associate at OMA New York and has worked with OMA since 1999.