3 October 2012
7:00PM — Hancock 100

James Carpenter

Light and Nature
Co-sponsored by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, & Technology (ICAT)

The work of James Carpenter has been called “environmental” in part because it creates a visual and sensory experience that is enveloping and omnipresent but, also, because it draws its inspiration and its intention from the mechanics, manifestations and visual richness of the natural world; in particular the natural world revealed, defined and expressed by light. Mr. Carpenter’s lecture will note and discuss that, while the work engages in the sometimes simple manipulation of light transmission, reflection and refraction, the work’s objective is not the demonstration of light’s obeisance to the laws of optical science. He will demonstrate how, instead, it creates an experience that allows the viewer to become aware of some deeper, more mysterious and more
universal message contained within the light itself, one that expresses and asks us to explore the very substance of our relationship to and connection with nature.

James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.

Capturing Ephemeral Carpenter (pdf)