15 November 2021

Interdisciplinary Design Studies of the Built Environment: Portugal, Spain, France | Summer 2022

Travel with the Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture Programs through Portugal, Spain, and France in the Summer of 2022. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to studying the built environment from the scale of the city to the size of a hand. Students and faculty will explore such design issues as the similarities and differences in physical design of things and places across cultures and centuries, including regional and cultural influences on design, uses of a variety of building materials, uses of public and private spaces, and the city as a setting for social and civic life.

The program includes visits to museums and exhibitions, as well as meeting design professionals. City and town development in each location offers opportunities to see how regions are claiming their cultural heritage through contemporary economic development. Local and regional projects challenge conceptions of building, urban redevelopment, landscape remediation and brownfield development using newer technologies and high expectations for more sustainable development practices as they support a high quality of life and concepts of city living. Historic two and three dimensional artworks challenge and inform our world of design. Contemporary sites and sightings challenge concepts of design and development at all scales.

All locations offer numerous opportunities to study and compare art, design, urban planning and design, landscape and architectural sites, and construction methods and materials from the scale of a door knob to the breadth of a region.

Information Session on Monday Nov 15, at 5:15pm in the Burchard Hall Kiva


Terry Clements

Martha Sullivan