12 March 2021
1:00PM — Zoom

In the Mood – Creating and Using Moodboards – Aleyse McNealy

Aleyse is an UX / Industrial Designer at McKinsey & Company where she applies a human-centered design approach to projects covering physical, digital, and service design. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Aleyse started her career at Honeywell, where she worked on a variety of both connected and non-connected personal safety, industrial, building, and home products. She then followed the company’ smart home product portfolio when it spun off into a separate company, Resideo, and continued to design connected home products and experiences as an Industrial Designer.

Aleyse has developed products from concept to production and supported related research, UX, and UI efforts, gaining multiple design awards and patents along the way. In addition to product development, she has driven strategic design efforts around brand, innovation, CMF, and design language systems.

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