13 July 2019
9:00AM – 4:00PM — Chantilly Festival Farm, Floyd, VA

IDS Faculty & Students at the 3rd Annual Floyd Energy Fest

The top ten teams from the first Industrial Design program wide competition will be featured at the 3rd Annual Floyd Energy Fest this weekend. The teams were chosen in the beginning of this past spring semester as part of a one-week challenge that brought 2nd-4th years together. You can read more about this competition and the top three winners on a past article here.

The Floyd Energy Fest is sponsored by SustainFloyd and Apple Ridge Farm and will be held at Chantilly Festival Farm from 9am-4pm on Saturday, July 13th. The day will consist of speakers, exhibits, and local food.

One of the speakers will be our very own Jonas Hauptman, Industrial Design Assistant Professor. Jonas will be giving a talk at 3pm about how the field of Industrial Design encourages design choices that effect the biosphere and built environment.

We hope anyone in town this weekend can head to Floyd and check out this awesome event!

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