11 October 2006
3:00PM — Hancock 100

Heinz Wirz, Architectural Editor and Publicist, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss Architecture: Designing - Constructing - Building

Heinz Wirz, a trained architect, is an award-winning publisher of books on architecture, architectural theory, art, and landscape architecture, an editor of books on architecture and architectural theory, and an organizer and curator of exhibitions on architecture. He has proven to own a keen artistic appreciation and understanding of architecture, in particular of architects who have not yet been ‘discovered’ by international ‘main street’-publishers. For example, Heinz Wirz initiated and organized the very first exhibition of the architect Peter Zumthor in 1987, now a world-famous architect but at that point in time not yet known beyond the region of his native canton of Grison. Wirz has published and edited books on the following Swiss architects belonging to the group of ‘New Contemporary Swiss Architects’: Andrea Bassi, Quintus Miller & Paola Maranta, Dieter Jüngling and Andreas Hagmann, Beat Consoni, Max Bosshard & Christoph Luchsinger, Miroslav Sik, Valentin Bearth & Andrea Deplazes, Gion Caminada, Valerio Oligiati, Niklaus Graber & Christoph Steiger, Buchner & Bründler.