15 February 2018
5:00PM — Collegiate Squares Studio

Chuck Ware, Global Practicioner

Evolving Roles for Nigeria's Urban Public Realm: A Tale of Two Cities

Global Practitioner Chuck Ware will give a lecture as a part of the ASLA VT’s Landscape Architecture Week Symposium in Collegiate Squares Studio on February 15 at 5:00 pm.

As in much of Africa, public space in Nigeria has historically been dedicated to sustenance roles, aimed most basically at commerce, transit, informal housing and even refuse. This session examines the growing interest in a more aspiring role for public space and landscape, aimed at improving social and environmental health.

  • Issues: Understand public realm issues in Nigeria-security, privatization, urban land pressures and political repression.
  • Collaboration: Learn how architects and landscape architects are working collaboratively in Nigeria to shape and expand the role of the public realm.
  • Role: See how two very different African cities are working to overcome the quality of life deficiencies with an improved public realm.
  • Innovation: Understand the challenges of integrating green technologies and landscape infrastructure which have little national precedent.

Hosted by the Landscape Architecture Program