19 March 2009

Ferrari Symposium III: Territories of Opportunity

Thursday, March 19, 2009, Roanoke, Virginia at Hotel Roanoke

3:30 pm Bruce Mau Design lecture Washington Room, Hotel Roanoke

5:30 pm Reception Lower Level Lounge, Hotel Roanoke

6:30 pm Dinner Regency Ballroom, Hotel Roanoke

Friday, March 20, 2009, Blacksburg, Virginia at The Inn at Virginia Tech

10:30 am Faculty presentations about design research
Robert Dunay, Joe Wheeler, Akshay Sharma, Michael Ermann, Bill Green
Latham Ballroom, The Inn at Virginia Tech

12 noon Lunch on your own

2:30 pm Lee Polisano lecture Latham Ballroom, The Inn at Virginia Tech

4:30 pm Reception Cowgill 300, Virginia Tech

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Student Events

Poster available for purchase at symposium – limited edition signed by Bruce Mau.

Ferrari sculpture available for purchase at symposium.

The last significant gathering of alumni in Blacksburg was Ferrari Symposium II in 1999. Since that time, much has happened, there is inevitable change. The School of Architecture + Design has seen progress, and received considerable recognition as the top ranked architecture program in the country in 2008. With some distance and perspective, we will again to bring alumni and friends together to consider their common past and future contributions. The intention of this note is to invite you to participate in an alumni exhibition for Ferrari Symposium III.

The first Ferrari Symposium was titled, Architecture + Industrial Design. It explored new possibilities residing between the disciplines of architecture and industrial design, and investigated the diversity of the design fields and their relation to architectural education. The second gathering, Convergence: A Question of Disciplines expanded the theme to include a wider range of disciplines. John Sealy Brown, the Director of the Palo Alto Research Center delivered a prospectus of a world where every object contains is own digital heartbeat and the interchangeably of bits and atoms.

This third event on March 19 and 20 is intended to carry the discussion further. Lee Polisano and Bruce Mau Design will make presentations under the theme of Territories of Opportunity. The goal is to explore the evolution of practice with regard to design research.

Alumni are asked to participate in an exhibition that will articulate this theme. Graphic panels documenting the promise of research to differentiate and expand normative practice – to produce creative chances – is the focus of the exhibition. Examples of unique collaborations with other disciplines and instances where technology has provided new possibilities of architectural intentions are encouraged.

Due date for the receipt of boards: March 12, 2009

The request is in two parts:

•  24” X 24” graphic boards of alumni work presented according to the above theme. Each individual or firm is asked to send one to three boards to be exhibited during the symposium.
•  Digital images [150 dpi, 6”× 6” minimum] depicting moments of interest during time spent in Blacksburg. These will be shown continuously during the symposium.

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