21 October 2020
7:00PM — Zoom

Erin Besler, BESLER AND SONS – Lecture

For Erin Besler, the normal and the banal are waiting to be architecture. They design buildings, objects, videos, software, and exhibitions in order to expand the definition of architecture and create opportunities for social engagement. Besler is a principal at Besler & Sons, an architecture and design practice based in New Jersey and New York that they co-founded with Ian Besler in 2014. As Besler puts it: “The work of Besler & Sons critically engages with both the discipline and practice of architecture, interrogating methods of representation, translation, and construction.”

Besler is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Princeton University School of Architecture and was awarded the Founders Rome Prize in architecture from the American Academy in Rome, as well as the Young Architects Prize by the Architectural League of New York. They hold a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Their work has been presented and exhibited in Beijing, Los Angeles, Paris, Chicago, New York, Sydney, and San Francisco and published in FutureAnterior, San Rocco, Perspecta, Project Journal, and Pidgin.

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