30 October 2019
12:00PM — Cowgill 400

DMCO Interest Meeting

Digital Mentorship Collaborative

If you’re thinking about joining DMCO, be sure to come out to this interest meeting.

The Digital Mentorship Collaborative (DMCO) is a group of students working together to create a community of digital collaboration within school of A+D. Whether you are a first year student or a fifth year student DMCO can offer you further development of your digital skills.

DMCO will be holding digital seminars/workshops organized and lead by students and mentoring first year labs with essential digital software(s).  In addition to this, DMCO will host visiting lecturers, have opportunities to attend conferences and become leaders within the school of A+D.  Other digital opportunities/ events are being discussed at the meeting.

Please complete this short survey below indicating your interest:


We will be holding a brief introduction meeting on Wednesday, October 30th @ 12-1pm in Cowgill 400. If you cannot make it or have any questions do not hesitate to stop by our desks in Burchard or contact by email Joon Kang (joonkang@vt.edu) or Mason MIllner (mmillner@vt.edu).