2 December 2016
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

Janet Davis, Steelcase

Join us this Friday at 12pm to hear Janet Davis from Steelcase.

Steelcase is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their furniture is inspired by innovative research in workspace design. The company produces office furniture and architectural and technology products for offices, education, health care and retail industries. It has facilities, offices, and factories in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

In an era of unprecedented complexity and volatility, the study of resilience has emerged in which many areas of practice are working to understand how systems, organizations and people can adapt to stay fit within an environment of constant change. Design the physical environment to help bring a diverse range of people, resources and tools together into close proximity, create places with a modular structure that can easily be integrated and develop a feedback loop for the physical environment that allows organizations to learn what is working and what is not.