28 October 2019, 8:00AM
until 29 October 2019, 5:00PM
— Cowgill Hall


FRAGMENTS from student work produced at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC) will be exhibited in the lobby of Cowgill Hall on Monday and Tuesday, October 28–29, 2019.

The projects featured in this exhibit take advantage of nearby sites located in Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, DC. WAAC Studios are vertically organized combining upper-division undergraduates from Blacksburg and other Universities around the world with graduate students. Two faculty work with each studio that meet three afternoons a week so that students can work mornings at firms for their paid internships. Many studios partner with groups (primarily governmental and non-profits) to work on projects that are actually underway in the DC metro area.

The FRAGMENTS of work on display are selected from the following recent projects:

Zeus’ Daughters: Museums and Collections for Electrified Originals in Uncommon Spaces
Plumbing the Depths: Archaeology Museum on Alexandria’s Waterfront
Reconfiguring the House-City Analogy
Library of Forbidden Books
Laboratory of the Future
The Floor of the World
Mutatis mutandis
River Follies