Cheng/Zhang 1st Place - Spring 2019
Farkas 2nd Place - Spring 2019
11 December 2019
8:00AM – 5:00PM — Cowgill Hall Lobby

Cowgill Lobby: Integrative Design Competition

On Wednesday, selected projects from the Fall 2019 Integrative Design Labs will be on exhibit, featuring student work from the Chicago Studio and Blacksburg. In the afternoon, a jury comprised of faculty and an outside practitioner will review the projects and nominate select projects for recognition. We are excited to welcome back to campus Nathan Harper, AIA, who is an A+D graduate and Principal / Director of Design for Spectrum Design in Roanoke. The Integrative Design Competition seeks to foster a dialogue about the ways that architecture can address both the poetic and the technical, and the jury will lead a discussion of the work at 4pm. Please take some time to review the projects and join in the conversation.

Farkas 2nd Place - Spring 2019