15 October 2018
8:00AM – 5:00PM — Cowgill Lobby

Cowgill Lobby: Donald Sunshine – Social Commentary Exhibit

This exhibit, “Social Commentary,” is in the rich tradition of all the arts. Whether visual, literary, music, or performance, artists have used their artistic voices for commentary. Indeed, I consider it an artist’s responsibility to so comment. Thus, the work I have presented here addresses relevant contemporary concerns. My intention is, through this art, to raise thoughtful consideration of significant issues of our day.

Donald Sunshine, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Virginia Tech, has exhibited widely, including Chicago’s Art Institute and Museum of Science and Industry, as well as in Hawaii, Virginia, Florida, and elsewhere. Sunshine considers his art a “way of life” and a means of seeing. Shunning photo realism . . . “after all we do have cameras these days,” his impressionist watercolors, present his way of “seeing.” His colorful abstracts provide another way of “seeing,” and finally, are his paintings of art as commentary. Summers are spent with his wife Joanna, of more than six decades, cutting firewood, putting up hay, and other “fun” farm work on the family farm in Southwest Virginia. There he continues his painting and writing. In addition to his numerous paintings, he has authored seven books.