21 January 2020, 8:00AM
until 24 January 2020, 5:00PM
— Cowgill Lobby

CID LLC Living Lab #5

The Big Sticky Living Labs presents the final submission of the design for 5 spaces developed during the Fall Semester ’19 by faculty and students of CAUS for the CID LLC Living Lab #5.

The exhibition will take place from Tuesday, January 21, to Friday, January 24, in the lobby at Cowgill Hall and it will showcase the 5 projects and it will explain the concept, the process, and the scope that is behind the CID LLC Living Lab # 5.
Reception on Friday 24th at 3.30pm.


Stakeholders CID LLC:
CAUS College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Division of Student Affairs
ICAT Institute for Creativity, Arts & Technologies
Athletics Department
Academic Resource Management
Capital Assets & Financial management
University Building Official
Insurance & Risk Management
Facilities Department
Office of university Planning
Environmental Health and Safety

Big Sticky Project (BSP) Team:
Enric Ruiz-Geli, Dorotea Ottaviani, Luis Borunda, Theresa Moriarty, Ingrid Skenderian, Jennifer Lawrence

Project: Lounge
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D
Design led by Faculty: Lisa Tucker
BSP Team
Students: Sydney Miller, Sydney Delbridge, Delaney Leach, Alexa Buckland, Nanxi Chen, Christina Eger, Moniqu Gagnon, Emma Hilt, Katie Karlinichak, Josie Price, Carly Ritter

Project: east Courtyard, west courtyard
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D
Design led by Faculty :Terry Clements
BSP Team
Students: Grayson Blackburn, Hunter Courtney, Charlie Crotteau, Ian Edwards
Sarah Edwards, Nabila Essakalli, Gracie Gilbert, Inki Hong, Will Shelburne, Leon Shen, Frank Speciale, Cate Stone

Project: Faculty Apartment
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D, Center for Design Research
Design led by Faculty: Joe Wheeler, Bobby Vance
BSP Team
Students: Laurie Booth, Blake Massie, Kate Halsey, Sam Druhot, Jack Flaherty
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D, SOVA, MLSoC

Project: Makerspace
Design led by Faculty: Sam Blanchard, Andrew McCoy
BSP Team
Students: Connor Ennist, LeAnna Jackson, Ojima Glover

Here the main milestones and key points of the CID LLC Living Lab #5 so far:

• After the Big Sticky Living Labs exhibition held on August 26, 2019 at Cowgill Hall the proposed plans for the projects positively move forward.
• The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for integration of a Living Lab into the Creativity Innovation District Living Learning Community has satisfactory been reviewed and signatures executed by stakeholders this past October 2019.
• The Big Sticky Living Labs is an initiative of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies
• GFURR is glad to present the most recent work developed during the fall semester by faculty and students from the School of Architecture and School Design, the School of Visual Arts in an exhibition in Cowgill Hall.
• The project focused on five main spaces including: Lounge, East Courtyard, West Courtyard, Faculty apartment, Maker Space

For additional information, please contact:
Professor Enric Ruiz-Geli at, enric@vt.edu
Ingrid Skenderian at, singrid1@vt.edu