21 January 2020, 8:00AM
until 24 January 2020, 5:00PM
— Cowgill Lobby

CID LLC Living Lab #5

The Big Sticky Living Labs presents the final submission of the design for 5 spaces developed during the Fall Semester ’19 by faculty and students of CAUS for the CID LLC Living Lab #5.

The exhibition will take place from Tuesday, January 21, to Friday, January 24, in the lobby at Cowgill Hall and it will showcase the 5 projects and it will explain the concept, the process, and the scope that is behind the CID LLC Living Lab # 5.
Reception on Friday 24th at 3.30pm.


Stakeholders CID LLC:
CAUS College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Division of Student Affairs
ICAT Institute for Creativity, Arts & Technologies
Athletics Department
Academic Resource Management
Capital Assets & Financial management
University Building Official
Insurance & Risk Management
Facilities Department
Office of university Planning
Environmental Health and Safety

Big Sticky Project (BSP) Team:
Enric Ruiz-Geli, Dorotea Ottaviani, Luis Borunda, Theresa Moriarty, Ingrid Skenderian, Jennifer Lawrence

Project: Lounge
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D
Design led by Faculty: Lisa Tucker
BSP Team
Students: Sydney Miller, Sydney Delbridge, Delaney Leach, Alexa Buckland, Nanxi Chen, Christina Eger, Moniqu Gagnon, Emma Hilt, Katie Karlinichak, Josie Price, Carly Ritter

Project: east Courtyard, west courtyard
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D
Design led by Faculty :Terry Clements
BSP Team
Students: Grayson Blackburn, Hunter Courtney, Charlie Crotteau, Ian Edwards
Sarah Edwards, Nabila Essakalli, Gracie Gilbert, Inki Hong, Will Shelburne, Leon Shen, Frank Speciale, Cate Stone

Project: Faculty Apartment
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D, Center for Design Research
Design led by Faculty: Joe Wheeler, Bobby Vance
BSP Team
Students: Laurie Booth, Blake Massie, Kate Halsey, Sam Druhot, Jack Flaherty
Virginia Tech, CAUS, A+D, SOVA, MLSoC

Project: Makerspace
Design led by Faculty: Sam Blanchard, Andrew McCoy
BSP Team
Students: Connor Ennist, LeAnna Jackson, Ojima Glover

Here the main milestones and key points of the CID LLC Living Lab #5 so far:

• After the Big Sticky Living Labs exhibition held on August 26, 2019 at Cowgill Hall the proposed plans for the projects positively move forward.
• The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for integration of a Living Lab into the Creativity Innovation District Living Learning Community has satisfactory been reviewed and signatures executed by stakeholders this past October 2019.
• The Big Sticky Living Labs is an initiative of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies
• GFURR is glad to present the most recent work developed during the fall semester by faculty and students from the School of Architecture + Design, the School of Visual Arts in an exhibition in Cowgill Hall.
• The project focused on five main spaces including: Lounge, East Courtyard, West Courtyard, Faculty apartment, Maker Space

For additional information, please contact:
Professor Enric Ruiz-Geli at, enric@vt.edu
Ingrid Skenderian at, singrid1@vt.edu