30 October 2013
7:00PM — Center for the Arts

Between the Pyramid and the Labyrinth

Part of the opening week events of the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech, the exhibit Between the Pyramid and the Labyrinth for the Tech-or-Treat event on October 30th was an experiential introduction to the possibilities at the convergence of art and technology. The installation offered many opportunities to creatively engage and learn about responsive technologies, while testing their implementation to augment the experiencing of both the space and the content of the exhibit.

The design of the responsive environment setup in the black box theatre, The Cube, explored the labyrinth and the act of traversing space as an experiential form of inquiry. The plan turned the forty-foot long cubic space into an environment of labyrinthian qualities that revealed content and enabled knowledge to be constructed only through the lived experience of it, and relative to the degree of interaction of the visitor.

The concept for the project was developed within the frame of the course Textile Space, taught by Paola Zellner, School of Architecture and Design, in collaboration with Tom Martin, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and was sponsored by the Institute of Creativity, Art and Technology (ICAT). Students involved in Concept Design: Nikole Branch (Arch Grad), Esther Chang (Arch), Heather Davis (Arch), Rick Fischl (Arch), Chris Morgan (Arch), Jon Runge (Landscape Arch), Paul Toler (Landscape Arch), Ben Turpin (Landscape Arch), and Lily Xiong (Arch). Students involved in design development, fabrication and installation: Jon Runge (Landscape Arch), Paul Toler (Landscape Arch), Nikole Branch (Arch Grad), Logan Yeingst (Landscape Arch), Shiba Patel (Arch), and Katlyn Econom (English).