18 November 2020

Belonging: Arthi Krishnamoorthy | DBP Lecture

Please join the School of Architecture + Design in welcoming Arthi Krishnamoorthy, she is lecturing on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, at 7 PM (ET).

Arthi Krishnamoorthy is a partner at Deborah Berke Partners in New York City. Her work is most often mission-driven, where the architect must weigh social and civic impacts with architectural and environmental considerations.

Deborah Berke Partners is a New York-based architecture practice that for over thirty years has made true-to-place projects around the country. Their buildings create powerful first impressions and continue to delight. Their architecture captures the values and aspirations of their clients; strives to enrich the world around it through enduring design; and is mindful of the distinctive qualities of each place.

Arthi will speak about the imperative to design spaces that welcome the experiences of many. She will present DBP’s designs for the Women’s Building in Manhattan, the visual arts non-profit organization NXTHVN in New Haven, and other select projects that encourage users to participate and engage with one another, and in doing so, develop a sense of ownership to their surrounds and a sense of belonging to their communities.

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