27 October 2018
10:00AM – 4:00PM — Moss Arts Center

BarkLight at Virginia Tech Science Festival

Come check out BarkLight at this year’s Virginia Tech Science Festival!
Moss Arts Center, Saturday, October 27

BarkLight is a responsive interior surface designed to provide experiential comfort by decreasing stress levels of workplace occupants. Responding to data, proximity, and movement, it serves as a biophilic link between exterior site, occupants, and interior environment. This interactive surface is embedded with 1152 LEDs and displays movement/data visualization. By using geo-tagged Twitter data, it illuminates when people are using technology on the Appalachian Trail. By using a Microsoft Kinect, it can also be programmed to illuminate shadowed hand gestures, or represent human movement from a separate location. This research focuses on interactive responsive surfaces, and how they can enhance occupant experiences while being in a new interior environment.

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