Karl Linn and students from the University of Pennsylvania work with community members to plant a tree in Melon Park, Philadelphia, ca. 1961, Karl Linn Collection, Environmental Design Archives, UC Berkeley
4 February 2022

Attention 6: Community is a Practice

Professor Joseph Bedford is the founding editor of Attention: The Audio Journal for Architecture. Issue no.6 titled Community is a Practice, guest-edited by Anna Goodman, has just launched. You can listen to the whole issue for free here


In the twentieth century United States, the role of architecture in building stronger and more democratic communities has often sat in tension with the fields’ close dependency on market forces. Issue 6 of Attention explores how architects’ definitions of community and the role of architects in building stronger communities have changed during the twentieth century in the United States. A series of four episodes, animated by interviews, found audio, oral histories and historical analysis, document how architects have engaged communities in the past. 


In Episode 1, Community Design as a Process, Anna Goodman explains how contemporary architects in the United States often pursue community-engaged work through the design of processes. In Episode 2, Karl Linn and the Idea of Neighborhood Commons, Anna Goodman describes a shift in the way architects in the United States viewed community starting in the early 1960s. In Episode 3, Ecological Community at People’s Park, Anna Goodman explores how a focus on the process of design over its products located community design at the intersection of anti-institutional activism and other social movements. In Episode 4, Carl Anthony, Race and Environmentalism, Molly Esteve describes the life and work of the architect and environmental justice advocate Carl Anthony.


Please join Professor Joseph Bedford, alongside Anna Goodman and Curt Gambetta for the launch event for Attention 6 on February 4th 2022 at 4pm PST. Here is the zoom link. 

All 6 issues and 44 episodes of Attention can also be found on Apply Podcasts, here.