28 November 2018
7:00PM – 10:00PM — XYZ Art Gallery, 223 N Main St

Art + Design Auction

AIAS will be hosting its first art + design auction, which it hopes to make a tradition of continuing every other year. With the aim of exhibiting the broad talents of CAUS students while raising money for Freedom By Design’s spring projects, the works displayed will consist of drawings, screenprints, watercolors, ceramics, and many other mediums. All students and faculty are welcome to attend the event on Wednesday, November 28th at the XYZ Gallery on Main St. from 7-10pm. There will be refreshments and live music by local band, The Pinwheel Bends. Freedom By Design is a subgroup of AIAS that engages in design/build projects to address physical, educational, environmental, socio-economical, and cultural barriers within the community. To kick off the spring semester, AIAS has organized a clean-up project for the recently deteriorated Cowgill spray booth. Our goal is to revive the life of the spray booth to make it a space students want to use again. FBD has developed a design for a used paint can receptacle that will be placed at the booth to reduce the amounts of litter surrounding it. FBD will also be partnering with Habitat For Humanity VT to design and build a local home, as well as Habitat Humanity NRV to volunteer on local roof repairs. Smaller projects include Parking Day, where the team constructs something within the perimeter of a parking space to give to the community, and El Carito, a collaborative community survey project with the Leadership and Social Change Residential College. Among many others, these projects emphasize the impact that design and architecture can have on individuals throughout our area.

AIAS is currently looking for work donations and would love to see submissions from the elective courses (screen-printing, ceramics, graphics, watercolors, textiles, etc.) as well as any independent work (illustration, wood/metalworking, 3D printing, etc.). This event will help AIAS collectively express the broad talents of CAUS students and raise money to help our community! If you would like to donate your work or have any further questions, please contact aiasvtevents@gmail.com.