3 April 2015
12:00PM — Burruss 224A

Robert + Cecilia Nichols, Formwork

This week Robert & Cecilia Nichols will be coming to speak with us from Formwork Architecture in Charlottesville, VA.

They find the elevation of “green design” as a special subset of architecture a distraction. For in addition to sustainable and efficient, they believe their work also needs to be beautiful, comfortable, affordable and well-organized. So, don’t look for an “eco” logo on their drawings or web site. That’s not to say it’s easy being green. It takes enthusiasm, a lot of research and a will to look past the most obvious ways of building to reduce the environmental footprint of modern construction. They work with LEED Accredited designers to guide this work, and are happy to see their buildings sit more lightly on their foundations every year.