11 November 2020

Andrew Holder, The LADG – Lecture

Established in 2004, the Los Angeles Design Group (LADG) is led by principals Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder. The recent work of The LADG is preoccupied with the relationship between buildings and things. If buildings are conventionally understood as empty containers in which to gather our stuff, it is also possible to imagine the reverse scenario. Perhaps the spaces we occupy are not so much the interiors of buildings as the residual gaps left over in the mountain of material we accumulate. That is, architecture could be conceived as the art of organizing the space between an endless and largely undifferentiated field of things: phones, columns, books, knick-knacks, asphalt, clothes, garbage, walls, etc., etc. The founders see their work as contributing to a longer history of ideas, and draw on this history to craft unexpected solutions to conventional problems in architecture and design.

Andrew Holder is an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a founding principal of The LADG. His research interests include the construction of architecture as an inanimate subject as well as novel methods of engaging historical precedent in a post-digital discipline.

Wednesday, 7 PM (ET) Link to Lecture

Thursday, 2-3 PM (ET) Link to Seminar