26 August 2015
1:00PM — Cowgill 300

Amie Shao, Director, MASS Design Group

Designing for People
DesignIMPACT Lecture Series

DesignIMPACT Lecture Series

Amie Shao manages MASS Design Group’s research work, focusing in particular on health infrastructure, patient-centric design, and infection control strategies in limited-resource settings. In addition to leading impact research across MASS’s work, she has been involved in the design and evaluation of healthcare facilities in Haiti, Africa, and the United States, and coordinated the production of National Health Infrastructure Standards for the Liberian Ministry of Health. Amie contributed research and design to a project with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which focused on identifying the specific needs of mobility and sensory-impaired children with Cerebral Palsy and proposing a set of facility retrofits, in addition to a project with the Northern Westchester Hospital in New York, which was aimed at rethinking and updating an aging health facility for improved care delivery and safety. Amie also leads MASS’s immersive research, employing user-centered practices and community engagement to guide design innovation. Prior to joining MASS, Amie worked for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Beijing, WORK Architecture Company in New York City, and EnSitu, S.A. in Panama. Amie received her Master of Architecture and a Certificate in Urban Policy & Planning from Princeton University.