21 March 2022
10:00AM — Cowgill

All-Thesis Review

All-Thesis Student Review

From Monday, March 21 to Tuesday, March 22, the architecture program hosted the All-Thesis Student Review. Divided into two sessions: morning (10:00AM – 12:30 PM) and afternoon (1:30PM – 4:00PM), the fifth-year architecture students presented their work around Cowgill Hall to the CAUS community at large, and to an exciting group of guest critics comprised by experts in the architecture and design field. This review was the last big chance for them to push their ideas before finalizing their projects in documentation form.


Guest Critics:

Ajay Manthripragada (GSD/CalPoly) Bobby Vance (ModularDesign+) Cyrus Peñarroyo (UMich) Curtis Roth (OSU) Constance Vale (WashU) Erin Putalik (UVA) Hayley Owens (VMDO) Jaffer Kolb (New Affiliates) James Vidoni (VMDO) Jinting Yang (YUZO Design) Katie McDonald (UVA) Katie Stranix (UVA/Office of Things) Kevin MacNichol (Safdie Architects) Misri Patel (UTK) Robert Reuter (Reuter Design) Scott Oliver (noroof)