10 November 2020

AIAS Bingo Night

Join AIAS on November 10th at 8 PM (ET) for our first ever Architecture Bingo Night! There will be prizes and plenty of fun! The grand prize is valued at $50 with the possibility of additional smaller prizes.

To play you must purchase at least one card which is $5 and each additional card after that will be $3. To purchase a card please Venmo @vtaias with your name and VT email in the description. After emailing we will reach out to you for additional steps and the random bingo cards that you have purchased, and instructions on how to attend, you won’t want to miss this! If there are any questions feel free to reach out to AIAS.

Notice: This event is not hosted by nor sponsored by the School of Architecture + Design, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, nor Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.