WAAC Spring 2021 Courses

Full Course Descriptions [.pdf]

Building Cities/Urban Design Seminar
“Political Space: Regime, Manner, and Urban Form”
ARCH 4034, CRN 10941 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 5624, CRN 22101 (Graduate Students)
Monday, 7:15pm-10:00pm
David Lever

Ideas, Concepts, and Representations of Architecture
ARCH 4114, CRN 22093 (Undergrad Students Only!)
Tuesday, 1:30pm-4:00pm
Eric J. Jenkins

Architecture and Urbanism Seminar
“Re-presenting Modern Architectural Texts”
ARCH 5706, CRN 11100
Tuesday, 4:15pm-7:00pm
Marcia Feuerstein and Paul Emmons

ARCH 4164, CRN 10952 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 5064, CRN 11073 (Graduate Students)
Tuesday, 4:15pm-7:00pm
Samer Bitar

ARCH 3514, CRN: 22099 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 5116, CRN: 11077 (Graduate Students)
First Meeting: Tuesday, January 19th, 7:15pm-10:00pm
Subsequent Meeting Times to Be Arranged with Professor
Matt Dreher

Product Design
ARCH 3514, CRN 22100 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5126, CRN 11079 (Graduate Students)
First Meeting/Information Session: Wednesday, January 20th, 6:00pm-6:45pm
Subsequent Meeting Times to Be Arranged with Professor
Ryan Pieper

Professional Practice
ARCH 4044, CRN 10943 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 5044G, CRN 11067 (Graduate Students)
Wednesday, 7:15pm-10:00pm
Randall Mars

History of Landscape Architecture
LAR 5334, CRN 20992
Thursday, 9:30am-12:15pm
Paul Kelsch

Topics in Design Methods
“Imagination Through Making”
ARCH 4304, CRN 22096 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 4304, CRN: 22102 (Graduate Students)
Thursday, 1:30pm-4:00pm
Milia Boroyevich

Comparative Urbanism
“Washington and Darmstadt”
ARCH 5644, CRN 11098
Thursday, 4:15pm-7:00pm
Scott Archer

Topics in Architecture History and Theory
“Attunement: Sustainable Sensations; Air as Music and Atmosphere in Architecture”
ARCH 4214, CRN 22097 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 5134, CRN 11091 (Graduate Students)
Thursday, 7:15pm-10:00pm
Golnar Ahmadi and Negar Goljan

PhD Seminar
“Theory of Practice: Practice of Theory”
ARCH 4214, CRN 22098 (Undergrad Students)
ARCH 6006, CRN 11159 (Graduate Students)
Friday, 10:00am-12:30pm
Paul Emmons