WAAC Fall 2019 Courses

Full Course Descriptions [.pdf]

Theory of Urban Form
“Symbolic Cityscape: The City of the Mind”
ARCH 5614, CRN 80892
Monday, 7:15pm-10:00pm – West Room
David Lever

Tectonics of Landscape Architecture II
Site and Process
LAR 5264, CRN 85868
Tuesday, 10:00am-1:30pm – Secret Room
Paul Kelsch

Architecture and Urbanism Seminar
“Decisions, Decisions …”
ARCH 5705, CRN 80895
Tuesday, 1:30pm-4:00pm – Cloud Room
Susan Piedmont-Palladino

Materials and Processes Workshop
Design Build
ARCH 3514, CRN 80753 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5125, CRN 80878 (Graduate Students)
Tuesday, 4:15pm-7:00pm – Red Room and WAAC Shop
Ryan Pieper

Media and Environment
ARCH 3514, CRN 80754 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5115, CRN 80874 (Graduate Students)
Wednesday, 7:15pm-10:00pm – West Room
Dan Snook

Professional Practice
ARCH 4044, CRN 80774 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5044G, CRN 80867 (Graduate Students)
Wednesday, 7:15pm-10:00pm – Cloud Room
Randy Mars

Topics in Architecture History and Theory
“Word and Image: Ten Treatises”
ARCH 4214, CRN 80790 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5134, CRN 80886 (Graduate Students)
Thursday, 1:30pm-4:00pm – Cloud Room
Paul Emmons

Computer Applications in Design
“Experiments in Hybrid Drawing”
ARCH 4164, CRN 80783 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5064, CRN 80870 (Graduate Students)
Thursday, 4:15pm-7:00pm – Computer Lab and Red Room
Jodi La Coe

PhD Seminar
“Embodied Thinking: Thinking Through the Body”
ARCH 4214, CRN 91505 (Undergraduate Students)
ARCH 5134, CRN 91517 (Master’s Students)
ARCH 6005, CRN 80955 (PhD Students)
Friday, 10:00am-12:30pm – Secret Room
Marcia Feuerstein