ARCH 2015-2016: Architecture II

Second Year Undergraduate Architecture Studio

Introduction to the discipline of architecture, isolating and intertwining fundamentals that contribute to the complex totality that constitute a work of architecture. Explores how architecture concentrates and conveys natural and cultural forces through means specific to the discipline. Focus on fundamentals realized artistically and practically in works by selected architects. Articulates the unique reality of architecture through the study of basic interrelationships of material, construction, site, and program. Introduces the complex interplay of situation, space and time in the making of places. Examines interdisciplinary sources such as art, science, and philosophy for the purpose of establishing the content architecture shares with other forms of knowledge and how that content, expressed through architecture, contributes to human well-being. Concepts communicated through drawings and models. Emphasis on intellectual discipline, dialogue, assertion of interest, and a self-motivated search for critical issues.

Prerequisite: ARCH 1016